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Child Nutrition Program

Child Nutrition Program


The Child Nutrition Program strives to educate children and their families to make sound nutritional choices and develop optimal eating habits.

Noojmowin Teg Child Nutrition ProgramThis is done through monthly interactive nutrition circles at the First Nation Day Care Centres, plus yearly nutrition circles at the 5 First Nation elementary schools & the 4 Rainbow District elementary schools.
Regular community workshops, cooking classes, community kitchens, & baby food making sessions are provided as well. Monthly nutrition handouts go to all the students at the 9 elementary schools which in turn reach over 1300 families.
Special events such as the Healthy Lifestyles conference with Bonnie Stern & Funky Groove Dance are held along with projects such as the Mnupgod cookbook whose proceeds go back into all school nourishment programs on Manitoulin Island which service First Nation children.


Cody Leeson             (705) 368-0229 ext. 271