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Diabetes Wellness Services


What is the Nogdawen Dissun Diabetes Wellness Program?
The Nogdawen Dissun Diabetes Wellness Program provides information, counseling and support for Aboriginal adults with diabetes and their families.
How Can the Nogdawen Dissun Diabetes Wellness Program Help You?
We can work with you to put all the pieces together to help you meet your goals.
To help guide you in keeping your blood sugar, blood pressure and blood fats at a healthy level - this is the key to living well with diabetes.
Learning to make healthy choices about food, activity and medications is the first step.
In fitting the pieces together, you may prevent or delay the long-term problem that diabetes can cause (which affects the eyes, kidneys, heart and nerves).
Where Do We Start?
Ask your Doctor or Nurse Practitioner, caregiver, or health care provider to refer you to the Diabetes Wellness Program. Once we receive a referral we will book to see you within your community. Persons with diabetes can also self refer to access our services.

Mary Ann Auger         (705) 368-2182 ext. 251
Natalie Hastings         (705) 368-2182 ext. 247
Sean Tipper               (705) 368-2182 ext. 243
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