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Healthy Eating Guidelines

Healthy Eating Guidelines: A tool kit for Manitoulin Organizations & Communities


This Healthy Food Policy will encourage a positive focus on quality nutritious foods that are appropriate for various lifestyles. Part of this policy will focus on re-establishing the principles of health promotion which used to be more common in many communities and many cultures. Manitoulin's own culture is embedded in First Nation teachings, of which can have positive impacts on how communities may approach food and nutrition. Balance and moderation in all things for personal wellbeing and quality of life was a strong rationale in many aspects of daily life previously, and this
approach is integrated into these policy guidelines. Today, there are many opportunities for credible information, for us to learn how we can improve personal eating habits, teach our children in positive nutrition, and learn about health education and practices. Adults, family caregivers, and community leaders can be role models, for our children and families, in healthy, nutritious eating habits. In learning about, and practicing, the principles of “Eating Well with Canada's Food Guide”, we will all go a long way towards the reclamation and restoration of our wellbeing, for ourselves, our families, our communities, and ultimately, our nations.

Purpose of this Tool Kit:

As community organizations, we are leaders in the promotion of health and well-being. Nutritious, healthy, and safe foods should be provided at all organization and community events, gatherings, and catered functions. This toolkit will provide guidelines and resources to support the implementation of a healthy eating policy at your organization.


Healthy Eating Guidelines


For more information: email or phone 705-368-0229 ext. 248.