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New Beginnings Program

New Beginning (FASD) Program


The New Beginnings FASD Program is guided by the Seven Grandfather Teachings of love, respect, humility, bravery, wisdom, honesty and truth. The Program strives to promote a balanced holistic lifestyle which includes our emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual wellbeing providing and facilitating access to services for individuals, families and communities affected by FASD, in order to achieve balance and harmony.
The New Beginnings FASD Program also provides support to women and their families in preparing for healthy pregnancies in collaboration with existing community and agency partnerships.

FASD Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder
New Beginning FASD ProgramFASD is a term used to describe the symptoms seen in children born to women who consumed alcohol during pregnancy. These effects last a lifetime.
Some of the things alcohol causes:
  • Babies are a born smaller
  • Face may look different
  • Brain is smaller
There may lead to lifelong difficulties, such as
  • Learning
  • Listening
  • Remembering
  • Paying attention
  • Following simple instruction
  • Making good decisions
  • Programs and services
Outreach and teaching
Workshops and presentation are available to community members upon request.
Parent support
  • Parenting strategies
  • Parent support circles, raising children with FASD
Early childhood development
  • Teaching strategies
  • Children's support circles
  • Baby welcoming ceremonies
Clinical services & support
  • Diagnosis and assessment referrals
  • Liaison with the Sudbury Genetics and Counselling Service
  • Alternative sources for diagnosis bases on client's needs.
Resource Library
  • Material and resources on FASD and sensory processing tools are available on loan to communities.
FASD Ontario News
  • FASD Ontario News is a newsletter about FASD for the province of Ontario, developed by FASD Stakeholders for Ontario. The newsletter helps people in Ontario work together to address FASD. The newsletter reports on the activities of FASD Stakeholders for Ontario, and shares other related news to individuals, caregivers and service providers in Ontario who are working in the area of FASD. The newsletter includes information about upcoming training events, new resources, community activities etc. FASD Ontario News is edited by the Best Start Resource Centre and development is supported by the Public Health Agency of Canada, Ontario Region. Please follow this link to access past editions of FASD Ontario News.


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