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Psychologist Services


Many people faced with stresses need professional help with their problems. Sometimes it is difficult to recognize when help is needed. Here is a list of reasons why people may require the assistance of a psychologist:
  • Abuse/violence
  • Addiction
  • Adjustment to illness/disability
  • Depression
  • Eating disorders
  • Stress/anxiety
  • Parent-child conflicts
  • Memory/cognitive problems
  • Hyperactivity
What is a psychologist?
A psychologist is a professional who is trained in assessment and treatment of mental health problems. He/she uses his/her therapeutic skills to help people make healthy changes in their coping styles and emotional and behavioural patterns.
A professional help you can trust
Like any other medical records, the information contained in your dossier with the psychologist is confidential. Sharing this information with another professional such as a physician requires your written consent. There are only three circumstances where the psychologist may be required by law to divulge the information to the authorities:
  • In the case of physical, sexual or emotional abuse of a child under the age of 16 years;
  • In the case of threats of serious harm to self or others;
  • In the case of a court order.
Brad Hempel (705) 368-2182 ext. 203
Dr. ​Frank Kane ​​(705) 368-2182 ext. 215

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