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Traditional Medicine Program


The Noojmowin Teg Health Centre offers teachings and workshops on different aspects of individual and family needs with respect to specific needs on the life journey, such as pre and postnatal, parenting, children and adolescent, adult life skills, elder care, and holistic health promotion.
Noojmowin Teg Traditional Medicine Program
Program Delivery (Individual/Family)
Referrals by other health care providers or self-requests for traditional teaching, supportive counselling: traditional healing.
Consultation protocol teachings, intake assessment.
Referral to traditional healer or other health care provider.
Helper duties involved in ceremonial preparation, documentation, and filling herbal prescription.
Follow-up appointment, referrals, case management as required.
Traditional Healing Services
Consultation with traditional teachers, helpers and traditional healers.
Coordination of workshops or healing service as per individual/community request.
Indian Residential School Culture Support Services
The Indian Residential School (IRS) funding is to provide cultural support for former students and their families. These services are provided to former students before, during and after the process of resolving the IRS claim or applying for the common experience payment, as well as during the participation in Truth and Reconciliation and Commemorative events. One-year funding for this program has been provided by Her Majesty the Queen, in Right of Canada, as represented by the Minister of Health, for Health Canada, First Nation and Inuit Health.


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