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How to talk about Addiction

How to talk to your friend or loved one about addiction


Addiction can have an effect on everyone in a community

If we decrease stigma and increase our knowledge, together we can all play a role in wellness and recovery of our loved ones. The Centre for Addictions and Mental Health offers a FREE online course we invite individuals to take;

Empowering Families Affected by Substance Use Problems


Addiction: We need to talk about it 

Sometimes people don’t recognize the negative impacts of their substance use. Start the conversation with your friend, family member or neighbour to show you care. 

Let’s work together to decrease stigma by changing the language we use. 


addiction language

Many things can play a part in your loved one experiencing addiction: 

  • Genetic factors
  • How drugs interact with the brain
  • Environment
  • Mental health issues
  • Coping with thoughts and feelings


More than 50% of people with substance use disorders also struggle with mental health problems, including trauma and grief. It’s important to treat both to create balance of our Mind, Emotions, Body and Spirit. 






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